AVT - passion for electronics!

AVT has been designing, manufacturing and selling kits for nearly 30 years.

The company, which was named after the product, has helped the new generations dealing with the electronics. A great number of students, hobbyists, engineers etc, gets a learning experience through fun.

The instructions of our kits contain not only mounting recommendations  but also a tutorial description of the circuit operation.

Our range of kits includes amplifiers, power supplies, inverters, remote controls, portable alarms, voltmeters, electronic thermostats, automation, to name a few.  Their quality, innovation, easy to assemble tutorial and reliability have made our kits first choice of order for many users.

We have nearly 30 years of publishing experience. We are specialized in magazines and guidebooks for readers with particular interests – professionals and hobbyists. Our portfolio consists of 37 titles published on a regular basis, including 22 monthlies and bimonthlies. They are divided into five thematic divisions, one of the divisions is Electronics and Automation which publishes following magazines and websites:

Elektronika Praktyczna (Practical Electronics) - international magazine for electronic engineers

Elektronika dla Wszystkich (Electronics for Everyone) - interesting electronics for people full of passion

Elektronik (Electronic) - the professional magazine of electronics

APA (Automation, Components, Aplications) - a complete guide to automation technology

Informator Rynkowy Elektroniki (The Electronics Market Catalogue) - A guide to products and services for electronics industry

Informator Rynkowy Automatyki (Automation Market Catalogue) - A guide to products and services in the automation market

AVT SPV Sp. z o.o.
Leszczynowa 11 Street,
tel:  +48 222 578 450 (8:00 AM - 4:00 PM GMT+1)
e-mail: handlowy@avt.pl

Our shop and warehouse:

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