AVTEDU636 - Plant Moisture indicator

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AVTEDU - a new series of kits, designed specifically with the purpose of learning the techniques of soldering in mind.
Each kit, besides educational value, is also very practical - you can become the master of the soldering iron!

The moisture indicator is a device dedicated to monitoring the moisture of soil in the potted plants. The kit is relatively easy to assemble, practical and very easy to use. It has an interesting design that will definitely grab the attention of all houseplants lovers, especially those, who occasionally forget to water them.

DIY kit intended for assembling on your own includes a printed circuit board and a set of electronic components.


• humidity sensor - two electrodes stuck in the soil
• indicator - flashing LED diode
• adjustment of indicator’s sensitivity for minimal moisture in the soil
• power supply: 3VDC (CR2032 battery not included)

AVTEDU636 - Plant Moisture indicator
Figure 1. Schematic diagram

Component list

R1: 10Ω
R2: 0Ω
PR1: potentiometer 500kΩ

C1: 10µF

LED1: 5mm flashing LED diode
T1: BC547 or BC548

battery socket

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