AVTEDU630 - ThermoEmotic

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AVTEDU - a new series of kits, designed specifically with the purpose of learning the techniques of soldering in mind.
Each kit, besides educational value, is also very practical - you can become the master of the soldering iron!

Thermometer module that indicates measured temperature with a bar of colored LED diodes and emoticons. The measurement range is 16°C-29°C.

DIY kit intended for assembling on your own includes a printed circuit board and a set of electronic components.


• 10 LED diodes signalling measured temperature
• 4 modes of operation
• power supply: 5VDC (3 × R6/AA battery not included)
• circuit board dimensions: 124×33mm

AVTEDU630 - ThermoEmotic
Figure 1. Schematic diagram

Component list

R1, R2: 4,7kΩ
R3: 0Ω
R4-R13: 220Ω

C1: 100µF
C2: 100nF

D1: 1N5819
US1: integrated circuit ATTINY2313 + IC socket
US2: integrated circuit DS18B20
LED1, LED2: 5mm blue LED diode
LED3, LED4: 5mm yellowLED diode
LED5, LED6: 5mm greenLED diode
LED7, LED8: 5mm orangeLED diode
LED9, LED10: 5mm redLED diode

J1, J2: goldpin 1×3 + JUMPER
SW1: switch
battery connector

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