AVTEDU626 - LED fan

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AVTEDU - a new series of kits, designed specifically with the purpose of learning the techniques of soldering in mind.
Each kit, besides educational value, is also very practical - you can become the master of the soldering iron!

The effect of this module is achieved through a system of 19 LED diodes grouped into 3 blade arms and perfectly imitating the movement of a real fan. Two operating buttons control direction and speed of the LED animation and allow for hours of play and creative use of the personally assembled circuit.

DIY kit intended for assembling on your own includes a printed circuit board and a set of electronic components.


• LED animation imitating a rotating electric fan
• 19 LED diodes
• switching LED diodes with the phasing out effect
• 2 buttons for controlling speed and direction
• power supply: 9VDC (6F22 battery not included)

AVTEDU626 - LED fan
Figure 1. Schematic diagram

Component list

R1-R6: 330Ω
R7: 680Ω
R8-R12: 4,7kΩ
Z1, Z2: 0Ω

C1, C2: 100nF

LED1-LED19: 5mm LED diode
T1-T3: BC547 or BC548
US1: 78L05
US2: integrated circuit ATTINY13A + IC socket

S1, S2: microswitch
SW1: switch
battery connector

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