AVT720 - Blue and white flashing light

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The module generates an interesting light effect with two pairs of LEDs that alternately blink at variable speed. The using of ultra bright LEDs ensures visibility of the lights from a distance – in the dark even up to several hundred meters.


• 4 LEDs: 2 white, 2 blue.
• Adjustable flash frequency.
• Current consumption: 9mA at 9V DC.
• Supply voltage: 9-15V DC.
• PCB dimension: 56×56mm.
• Electronic Kit – soldering required.

Functional description

AVT720 - Blue and white flashing light
Figure 1. Schematic diagram

Kit can be powered from batteries, then it is perfect for everyone, who wants to emphasize their personality for example in a disco. It can also be connected to a car battery, then the vehicle will be recognized for its originality.
Blinker is built using a typical astable generator consisting of transistors T3 and T4. The transistors alternately turning blue or white LEDs on or off. Operation frequency is determined by resistors R8, R9 and capacitors C3, C4.
Resistors R8, R9 are not connected (as in a typical circuit) to a positive power pole, only to the connection point R5 and R6. This transforms the astable generator into a voltage-controlled generator (VFO). The frequency of the flickering of the LEDs also depends on the voltage at the point of connection of the resistors R5, R6, and the voltage changes to the rhythm of the second astable generator composed of transistors T1 and T2. Due to the high capacitance of capacitors C1 and C2, its operating frequency is much lower than the frequency of the flickering of the diodes. The difference in resistances R2, R3 causes that the control waveform is unbalanced, and the approximate R1-R4 resistances cause the waveform of the transistors to differ substantially from the rectangular ones. As a result, the frequency of the astable generator is small, the waveform is unbalanced, and the voltage at the T2 collector drops gently – as a result, it modulates the frequency of the flicker in a specific way, giving an interesting light effect.

Assembly and test

Figure 2 in the user manual shows the location of the components on the PCB. Assembly is typical. It starts with the smallest components and ends up with the biggest ones. After assembling, check that the components have not been soldered in the wrong direction or in the wrong place, and that no short circuit has occurred. After this attach a 9 V battery or a stabilized power supply. Enjoy!

Component list

R1-R2, R4, R8-R9: 22kΩ
R5: 4,7kΩ
R3, R6: 100kΩ
R7, R10: 470Ω

C3, C4: 10µF
C1, C2, C5: 100µF

T1,T2: BC558 (BC557)
T3,T4: BC548 (BC547)
D1, D2: 5mm WHITE LED diode
D3, D4: 5mm BLUE LED diode

6F22 snap-in connector

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