AVT3072 - Power supply with breadboard

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Universal power supply with breadboard. The power supply has a jumper (stepped setting – 1.5V, 3.3V, 5V or 9V) and the potentiometer to adjust the output voltage. Power supply with breadboard facilitates rapid prototyping without the need for soldering.

• Output voltage regulation: stepped with jumper and smoothly with potentiometer.
• Maximum supply current: 1.5A.
• Built-in power supply output voltage range: 12-24V DC.
• Protected from reverse polarity.
• Possibility of obtaining two voltages to supply breadboard.
• PCB dimension: 33×60mm.
• Electronic Kit – soldering required.

Functional description

AVT3072 - Power supply with breadboard
Figure 1. Schematic diagram

Schematic of the power supply is shown in Figure 1. The power supply was built using the well-known LM317 voltage regulator (US1). Its maximum output current is 1.5A. The LM317 is protected against overload, has built-in current limiter and overheating protection. Its application requires only two external resistors to set the output voltage. Two-row goldpin and jumper are used for the output voltage setting. The user can also insert a jumper in place marked "REG" and use the PR1 multi-turn potentiometer to precise set the desired output voltage. Connector J3 connects to the breadboard the voltage from the connector X1 or X2 (supply voltage from inputs of the stabilizer) minus the voltage drop on the diode D1. Thanks to this, two voltages can be obtained on the breadboard, for example + 5V (from stabilizer output) and + 12V (from stabilizer input). The diode D1 has been used for protection against reverse polarity. The plate should be supplied with a DC voltage within range from 12 to 24V. The US1 is equipped with a heat sink that dissipates power losses to the environment. The PCB can be powered through the X1 or "DC". The "DC" connector fits 5.5/2.5 or 5.5/2.1 plugs used in many wall power supplies. The supply voltage is indicated by a green LED (D2).

Assembly and test

Assembly is typical and should not cause problems. Assembly of the device starts with resistors and other small-sized components, and ends with the installation of electrolytic capacitors and screw terminal. The photos show the model of the power supply with breadboard.

Component list

R1: 47Ω    
R2: 390Ω    
R3: 750Ω    
R4: 1,5kΩ
R5: 240Ω    
R6: 1,2kΩ    
PR1: Square trimming potentiometer 5kΩ

C1: 1000µF
C2: 100nF
C3: 10µF

D1: 1N5819
D2: Green LED diode
US1: LM317

J1, J3: Goldpin connector  2×2
J2: Goldpin connector  2×5 + jumper
X1: 2-pin terminal block connector
X2: DC 2.1/5.5
Heat sink + screw

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