AVT1661 - Electronic dice

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The electronic dice replaces traditional, nowadays mostly made of plastic. Pressing the button starts the generation of the result, which is displayed in the reading field with LEDs.


• LED diodes to show the result.
• Button that begins the draw of the result.
• Small number of components.
• Supply voltage: 6-9V DC
• PCB dimension: 50×50mm 2pcs.
• Electronic Kit – soldering required.

Functional description

AVT1661 - Electronic dice
Figure 1. Schematic diagram 

The schematic diagram of the electronic dice is shown in Figure 1. It consists of a generator with T1 and T2 transistors, a Johnson counter with U1 chip and seven LEDs for presenting the result. On the outputs Q0-Q5 of the U1 chip there is a logical high that determines the display of the number of dots by means of LED diodes.
D1-D9 diodes are converting code “1 of 6” to the number of displayed dots. The LEDs show the result of the draw in the same form as the pips on a regular cube.

Assembly and test

Figure 2 in the user manual shows the location of the components on the PCB. Assembly is typical. It starts with the smallest components and ends up with the biggest ones. After assembling, check that the components have not been soldered in the wrong direction or in the wrong place, and that no short circuit has occurred. The completed electronic dice was built on two PCBs which are connected with each other by plugs and goldpin sockets. The cube works immediately after switching on the power supply in the range of 6-9V DC. Have a fun!

Component list

R1, R10: 1,5kΩ
R2: 1,8kΩ
R3: 2,2kΩ
R4: 2,7kΩ
R5, R8: 1kΩ
R6, R7: 100kΩ
R9: 15kΩ

C1, C4: 100nF
C2, C3: 10nF

U1: 4017
T1, T2: BC547
D1-D9: 1N4148
Dzas: LED diode 3 mm
LED1-LED7: LED diode 5 mm

S1 or S1`: switch
X1`, X2`:    goldpin connector 1×6
X1, X2: goldpin connector socket 1×6
2-pin terminal block connector
6F22 snap-in connector

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