AVT1597 - Audio amplifier 35W

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Audio amplifier module with output power of 35 W, based on integrated circuit TDA2050. The correct application of the TDA2050 requires only a few external components. Small PCB size is the reason, why the module is ideal replacement for the power amplifier in the old audio equipment.


• Output power 35W at 4Ω/30V DC.
• Single channel.
• Shortcut, overvoltage and overheat protected.
• power supply 9-30V DC.
• PCB dimension: 55×38mm.
• Electronic Kit – soldering required.

Functional description

AVT1597-Audio amplifier with output power of 35 W

Figure 1. Schematic diagram

The schematic diagram of the amplifier module is shown in Figure 1. The TDA2050 is a monolithic integrated circuit, intended for use as an audio class-AB audio amplifier.  
The manufacturer equipped it with short-circuit protection between the output and ground, between any lead and ground, against overvoltage that could occur on the power line, and against overheating.

Assembly and test
The amplifier assembly diagram is shown in Figure 2 in the user manual. The assembly starts with the soldering of the lowest elements. At the beginning, resistors, diodes D1-D3, potentiometer P1, capacitors, screw connectors and integrated circuit should be soldered. Finally, the integrated circuit of the amplifier should be provided with a heat sink. After properly assembling and connecting the power supply, the amplifier is ready for operation. It can be loaded with a 4Ω or 8Ω impedance loudspeaker.

Component list

R1-R3: 22kΩ
R4: 2,2Ω
R5: 20kΩ
R6: 680Ω
PR1: Trimmer potentiometer 20kΩ

C1: 2,2µF
C2: 100µF
C4: 22µF C5: 100nF
C6: 470µF C7: 470nF

U1: TDA2050
D1-D3: 1N4007

CON1-CON3: 2-pin terminal block connector
heatsink + fixing elements

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